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RANKED Health is a project run by the Hacking Medicine Institute (HMi), a non-profit organization spun out of MIT’s Hacking Medicine program. This project is designed to review and rank healthcare focused applications, providing independent, unbiased and accurate information to accelerate patient and provider adoption of clinically proven and high-quality digital health solutions. In addition to identifying best-in-class healthcare applications for better health monitoring and disease management, RANKED Health also helps uncover unsafe and ineffective apps on the market.

RANKED Health is led by experts from top-ranked teaching hospitals and universities, bringing together clinicians, researchers and patients to solve a common challenge faced by physicians and consumers: not knowing what to look for and products to trust when seeking digital health solutions in a rapidly changing healthcare technology environment, wrought with hyped health claims, legislative mandates and security concerns. The program will review mobile applications and digital health products by disease category with the goal of helping consumers self-select, and providers recommend or prescribe, effective health applications.

The RANKED Health review and ranking process is modeled after academic journals, focusing on mobile applications — and in the future, connected medical devices — that are built for Apple and Android operating systems and are broadly available for purchase, with ease, through application stores.


Why is RANKED Health Needed Now?

While technology-enabled interventions are poised to dramatically impact healthcare efficiency, quality, outcomes and cost, the ongoing introduction of new healthcare applications, and varying maturity of those available now, create confusion and mistrust for providers and consumers, slowing adoption and use of digital healthcare products and services. RANKED Health is needed now to propel momentum in this field, and to help providers and consumers confidently choose digital solutions, based on credible evidence from trusted, unbiased healthcare and technology leaders.


RANKED Health Leadership

RANKED Health is led by Dr. Maulik Majmudar, a cardiologist and associate director of the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital and Dr. Adam Landman, an emergency medicine physician and chief medical information officer at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.


RANKED Health Review Model

The RANKED Health review methodology is modeled after academic journals, enlisting peer reviews to reduce variability and create reviews which are both useful and reliable. To achieve this, multiple experts take part in the review process. Two reviewers independently review each app based on predetermined objective and subjective criteria. The resulting reviews are then examined by an editor paying particular attention to discrepancies, which are resolved before publishing. This process aims to increase the reliability of reviews by shining a spotlight on areas for reviewer remediation, lessening impact and influence by individual reviewers, and working to achieve consensus on review material.  


The initial RANKED Health app selection strategy is to concentrate on apps related to managing and monitoring chronic conditions common in the United States, including mental health, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and sleep quality. Additionally, apps were also chosen due to their focus on broader issues impacting large populations of people, including fitness, medication adherence, symptom tracking, emergency/acute care and pregnancy and reproductive health.

The reviews themselves are designed to contain both objective information about the apps and the subjective determinations by the experts reviewing them. Objective details in the reviews include the application’s identifying information, platform, version, provenance and intended use. The subjective portion of the reviews include consideration of the application’s clinical relevance, clinical credibility, usability, functionality, security and privacy. This information is also concluded in a brief summary of each app’s key features and intended use.


Reviewers and Editors Page:

Call for Clinical Reviewers – Both Experts and Engaged Patients

In tandem with the review program, Hacking Medicine Institute is inviting leading clinical experts to join its efforts to publish research and reviews of the most effective and best-designed new medical technologies. Alongside clinicians, engaged patients and caregivers can contribute meaningful insights, and we invite reviews from non-clinicians as well. HMi is assembling specialty editors and reviewers who will be paid and published for evaluating new medical technologies and services. Reviewers will also have access to HMI’s consortium, events and proprietary data for publishing further studies on the effectiveness of new digital medical technologies.

Interested experts and patients should email