Deep Sleep

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Clinical Relevance
Version: 8.38
Developer: Michael Schneider
Review Date: 2016-11-01
Cost: $2.99

Overall App Summary:

Deep Sleep by Andrew Johnson is a simple digital sleep tool with a clear focus on guided mediation that is useful for who have trouble stilling their minds, a prerequisite for deep restful sleep. With less focus on diagnostics and analytics, the soundscape paired with the authoritative yet soothing, lilting directives of Andrew Johnson is compelling in its simplicity and reminds us that detailed sleep monitoring may not be the only approach to improve sleep quality. The user can preprogram the app to repeat one or many 20-23 minute cycles. The user can then choose to sleep, wake or delay wake after the cycle(s). Judging from the overwhelmingly positive consumer reviews, many users use and like this app to conquer their insomnia and get a good night’s sleep. The company also has a number of other health & fitness apps including meditation, relaxation, pain management, get fit, managing anxiety, addressing procrastination, and smoking cessation for $2.99-$4.99.


App’s Intended Use:

Andrew Johnson is a clinical hypnotherapist that produces a wide range of apps and programs that focus on stress, anxiety and addition. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson is 20-minute mobile sleep app that uses guided meditation to allow users to relax and sleep better. It is recommended that the meditation be used every night for a minimum of three weeks, and with headphones, is possible. Reminders of the nightly session can be programmed at various intervals during the day to extend the relaxation effect.


Who’s this app most useful for?

Users with insomnia, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, and/or difficulty staying asleep. It may be useful for someone who is traveling and has difficulty falling asleep in unfamiliar environments, hotel rooms, etc.


How should use it?

Users are advised to place their phone/ app next to bed before bedtime and use the app nightly for a minimum of 3 weeks to see beneficial changes in their sleep patters.


Is the mobile app clinically relevant? Any clinical benefits? How would you use it as a provider?

Clinically helpful to users with anxiety, difficulty going to sleep/staying asleep, or “has too many thoughts” in their head to fall asleep. Anyone who needs to relax in order to fall asleep. The app promises a more natural, deep sleeping pattern with use, in addition to more energy, greater productivity and overall relaxation, however, it is not clinically relevant.


Is there any published evidence that the app actually works?

While the app promises a more natural, deep sleeping pattern with use, in addition to more energy, greater productivity and overall relaxation, there is limited evidence for these benefits. However, consumer reviews are quite positive.


Regulatory Compliance

Most likely exempt from FDA regulatory clearance under the MMA and General Wellness guidances.


What is the most important/ desirable feature of the app?

The lack of sleep analysis may arguably be the best feature of the Deep Sleep app… it very simply uses relaxing music with soothing narration to help the user breathe, unwind and sleep. There are only 4 variations on these theme, which keeps it simple and functional for the user.


If there’s a paid version, is it worth the upgrade?

Not applicable, the app reviewed was the full version.


Security and Privacy

Password: No password.
Data Security:
Data Sharing: Does not mention data sharing, does not ask for consent from user
Regulatory Compliance: Likely to fall under exemption of FDA regulation as according to Mobile Medical Application guidelines

Paula Payton

A behavioral scientist, I've been working on developing and commercializing innovative technologies to positively impact health & wellness at a Boston-based technology startup, SmartSports. The company generates and analyzes objective, real-time physical risk diagnosis to inform injury prevention strategies, as well as optimize athletic performance. I advise a number of companies in healthcare and technology. I am currently leading a digital innovation initiative at a consumer healthcare company, building out an ecosystem of relationships for co-creation, and accelerating the pace of importing and exporting innovation. I am also an academic researcher, currently completing my PhD in management science at NEOMA Business School (France). I have a post-graduate certificate in Marketing Strategy from Cornell/Johnson School of Management, and a Master’s degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Chicago. I began my career using behavioral insights to build brands and create memorable experiences for a variety of companies, as well as taught and been in administrative roles at academic institutions, including NYU, INSPER Institute of Education and Research (Brazil), University of Arizona, Kelley School of Business @ Indiana University, and Anderson School of Management @ UCLA.

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Employment: SmartSports; Consultant/ Advisor: None; Ownership: None; Research: None.

Maulik Majmudar

Dr. Maulik Majmudar is a practicing cardiologist and Associate Director of the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital; and an Instructor at Harvard Medical School. He lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in areas of healthcare innovation & entrepreneurship, as well as medical device design and development. Dr. Majmudar started his career as a medical student at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, completed resident training in Internal Medicine at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and followed by a fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital at Harvard Medical School. You can follow him @mmajmudar

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Employment: Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School; Consultant/ Advisor: AliveCor, BioFourmis, Cardiogram, EchoSense, Facebook, HUINNO, MC10, Nokia; Ownership: BioFourmis, Cardiogram, HiLabs, Quanttus; Research: EchoSense, GE Healthcare, MIT.

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